NEW Affordable Mermaid Brushes!

Here’s a little update to let you know about something cool I found in my local Home Bargains! This is a UK shop with a rotation of products at affordable prices. C1A74C84-1F11-4E13-8CBE-7E11ED778A40The small brush was £1 and the bigger one was £1.50 I believe! They are actually really heavy and nicely designed, as well as being a soft synthetic bristle style. They’re really interesting because I love cheap brushes so much, expensive ones don’t seem worth it to me most of the time! These are great and I would definitely say they’re worth it!

Madi x


My Palette Collection!

Hey everyone! So today I wanted to do a chatty post about makeup collections. I recently went through and counted and sorted my palettes, with plans to declutter soon. I’ve been itching to do more declutter videos of both makeup and clothing on my channel, and I have a denim declutter coming soon! I counted and I have 42 palettes!! I never thought I had so many.

738420B7-CC80-418B-A162-D6C7DEE7B3AEHere’s a messy photo of the pile! As you can see there’s loads, and I think is time to clear some out. I’d love to know how many palettes you have and any declutter for tips!

Thanks for reading!

Madi x

Anti-Haul #1

Today’s post is going to be a bit different because you could definitely say it’s not going to be super positive! I’m sure you’ve seen this type of post or video before but basically, I’m going to be telling you some items I (PROBABLY) will not be purchasing anytime soon. I believe this idea comes from Kimberly Clark on YouTube so definitely check her out! I’m going to try and keep this list to fairly recent releases.

DISCLAIMER: If you own these products and you love them, that’s great! I’m so glad you love them but everyone has different preferences and I just know these products aren’t for me, at least not in the near future! I’m not trying to bash any brands or products here, maybe just bit a bit cheeky!

  1. Cover FX Glitter Drops/£35antihaul1                                   First of all, I have never purchased anything from Cover FX. I find their products are quite expensive and no item has ever jumped out at me enough to splurge. These glitter drops look incredibly similar to the Makeup Revolution liquid highlighters which are a fraction of the price at just £6. Therefore I don’t believe these are a worthy investment for me personally, but I would like to try this bran one day!
  2. Farsali Jelly Beam/£34
    This product came out a little while ago and was all over social media. The tutorials and reviews I’ve seen on this were a bit mixed. The texture of this product is definitely very unique, but it seems hard to apply. It is also quite pricey, and doesn’t grab me enough to warrant the investment. I think it’s cool, however, and I think they could release more shades as though this is quite a universal colour, there could be more options for fair and deeper skin tones!
  3. Too Faced Natural Face Palette/£35
    I’m not someone who is a massive fan of Too Faced, not saying their products are bad, it’s just nothing has grabbed me in the past. This revamp of their natural collection is no exception. I used to think I needed face palettes but it’s rare all the colours will work for you, so it’s better to buy a custom-picked highlight, blush and bronzer.
  4. Lime Crime Venus XL Palette £50
    So I don’t own anything from Lime Crime, as it was never super accessible to me when it was popular. Since then the brand has definitely faded away from the spotlight due to a range of reasons if you want to know just do some research as there’s too much controversy to list here! This palette is NOT worth £50 to me, in any way, A lot of these shades look similar, and seem easy to dupe in my opinion.
  5. Laura Geller Life Glows on Illuminator/£22antihaul5
    Next is an item that I noticed in the New In section of Beauty Bay! This is a trio of highlighters from Laura Geller, and even though I’ve heard AMAZING things about their highlighters and I’m a huge fan of the brand, I will not be purchasing these. I think if you have a medium skin tone this would be really nice, and I think the price seems quite reasonable. But I know I won’t use every shade in here so it’s personally not for me.
  6. Fenty Beauty Body Lava/£46
    Next is an item which really interested me at first, the brand new Body Lava from Fenty! This does look gorgoeus and if you have the money and love a good body glow I’d say go for it. I’m way to pale for these type of products most of the time and I have a cheaper version from Cocoa Brown that I use when I have a tan. This is pretty pricey but does look very pretty.
  7. ABH Bronzer/£29
    So these bronzers are great qulaity I’m sure, I’m a huge ABH fan. However even the lightest shade looks quite red-toned and I think it would be too dark for me. I know bronzers are usually warm but these will definitely not work on my skin as I’m too fair.
  8. Laura Lee Nudie Patootie/$45
    So I’m not sure what to say about this other than I’m not going to spend this much on a palette I know I probably won’t use much. This does seem like a nice neutral palette but the few unique colours I probably already own. However, if you don’t have a set of neutrals you really like, maybe try it out!I hope you enjoyed this! It was a bit different for me but actually really fun and easy to write!


OOTD: Red and Black Smart Casual

It is starting to warm up in the UK so now I can finally go out without extra layers on! Today I have an outfit of the day post that’s versatile, as is definitely smart-casual. An outfit like this can be easily spruced up with different accessories which is what makes it fun.

So this outfit definitely fits into a darker style as it’s 90% black! However I love adding colourful accessories and it’s always fun to match tones such as red. You could totally wear a different top that’s more formal if you wanted but I love this T-shirt from Forever 21! I actually got this in Dubai in store. I’m wearing the same jacket I always wear which is my DollsKill Fur Babe coat. I hope you like this outfit!

Items worn: Jacket/DollsKill x Honey Punch, Top/Forever 21, Jeans/Hollister High Rise Super Skinny, Belt/River Island, Boots/River Island, Necklace/ShopDixi


Jolie Beauty Slayin’ Lashes in Tulip review

As someone with a particularly round eye shape, I find it difficult to get lashes that not only suit me but are easy to apply and fit me. These lashes from Jolie Beauty are some of my favourites, and I wear them a lot in my in Instagram pictures!



First off this packaging is to DIE for! Such amazing holographic colours! Plus I’m wearing some matching nails here from Girls With Attitude in the style Mermaid. These lashes all have different names and are synthetic, I don’t wear mink lashes of any kind personally!



Here are some pictures showcasing two makeup looks to show how versatile these lashes are! They are pretty dramatic which can make them a little difficult to apply but with practice they’re fine! These look great in Instagram photos and are definitely some of my favourites.

These retail for £9.99 on Jolie Beauty but with the code MADITHEMERMAID you can get 10% off!

Thanks for reading! X

OOTD: Spring Smart Casual

Back at it again with another outfit of the day! This outfit is a definite combination of some of my favourite clothing pieces! It’s also versatile because it’s warm without being too much and definitely has a smart/casual vibe. You could wear non-distressed jeans for a smarter look if that’s more your style. I was going out shopping but wanted to dress nicely and stay warm in the slightly chilly spring weather here in the UK!

Here are some pictures of the outfit! This belt is new and I think it really adds to the looks. I’d definitely recommend checking this tyle out, it’s from River Island. They have a range of cool colours but the sizing is terrible! Good luck finding one if you have particularly wide hips because they run very small.

Here are some pictures I took in this amazing vintage style furniture shop that had loads of cool mirrors. It was almost like a maze in there, and some really amazing rooms.

This is a great outfit for casual shopping and a coffee lunch, without being too formal or casual. I’m carrying my usual bag which is from Paul Costello, and it goes with everything as its a beautiful mauve grey shade.

COAT: DollsKill x HoneyPunch
JEANS: Hollister Super Skinny
BELT: River Island
BOOTS: River Island


Cut Crease/Makeup Progress!

Today I wanted to share with you this photo which shows my first EVER cut crease eye look and my latest one. I always found cut creases very hard due to my eye shape and deep crease but they’ve quickly become one of my favourite styles of eyeshadow. In case you don’t know, a cut crease includes creating a sharp line through the crease using a small brush to define or concealer to cut out the lid. You can start with a liner and diffuse it or use concealer to create the shape which is my preferred method.


The first picture was taken 11th May 2017 and the second on the 15th March 2018 so almost a years progress! I’m so pleased with my progress and want to remind you all to practice all the time as much as you can! If you don’t follow my Instagram already it’s madithemermaid by the way.


OOTD: Start of Spring!

This outfit is cosy but still cute and a bit more summery! I got these photos on a day when it was really sunny, before the snow. This is chilled but sort of dressed up and  I was really happy with how it looked, and I thought it would be a great bit of fashion inspiration. Sometimes, it’s so hard to know what to wear in transitional weather, so hopefully, this inspires you. I’m a uni student and planned to wear this to uni but my train got cancelled sooooo I went shopping instead!

The lighting here was so pretty because it was so sunny this day! There was a bit of a breeze but this is a perfect outfit for this kind of day. You could always add a scarf or hat if you wanted to.

Here are some extra close-ups of the outfit! I’m in love with this top, and so need to wear it more. If you wanted to make this outfit, even more spring/summery then you could wear some blue ripped up jeans. I hope you enjoyed this post, please tag me in your outfit posts! I love fashion and I’m so happy to be doing more posts like this!

TOP: Brandy Melville
JEANS: Hollister High Rise Super Skinny
HOODIE: Hollister
JACKET: Dollskill x Honey Punch
SHOES: Puma Suedes