When you’re not holding it together…(Mindfulness)

So you pretty much quit drinking. You’ve been exercising almost every day. You’re sleeping really well. You’ve started painting again, you’re practicing mindfulness and journaling and taking long breaks from pointless social media scrolling.

And yet…still, you feel like there’s a low mood hanging over you.

As you have probably figured out I’m talking about myself. I’ve been struggling with allow mood for the last few weeks and I’m finding it hard just to get through the days when even having a simple conversation feels like a lot of work. It’s one of those periods of life where everything just feels a bit pointless and tiring.

So I’m figuring this out as I go. I’m trying to speak into existence some affirmations that will help me. This time will pass. Progress is made in uncomfortable times. My focus and discipline is my freedom. I can overcome this and I will. I’m speaking this into existence. I’m affirming I can get through this period.

I’ve tried lots of things to dig myself out of this hole. I’m in a really good place with my workout routine. I’ve started water-colouring again which has been a nice peaceful break from my phone in the evenings. My journal is getting fuller every day with notes, goals and drawings. I’m struggling more because I feel like I’m doing everything to feel better and nothing is giving me to boost that I feel like I need. It’s a rough time, this time of year. I feel like I need a fresh start all over again!

I’m expressing my feelings on this so that anyone reading knows they aren’t alone and I would love to hear from you below!

New-Year No Buy!

Happy 2022 everyone! I’ve been running the blog for years now, building up my beauty collection and talking about makeup, lifestyle and fashion. I became so passionate about makeup that unfortunately I started to accumulate way too much of it. My goal is to start using up some of my makeup. I have a bag where I keep all my empties and I want to see how many beauty items I can use up. It’s also time for me to wear the clothes I have and stop trying to one up my wardrobe.

My rules will be simple. If I genuinely really need something of course I will buy it. I always go through brow pencils quite quickly for example. I just want to ease off buying things like eyeshadow palettes and new foundations.

In terms of clothing, I want to try to wear something new from my wardrobe before I purchase something new. I also sell clothes on Depop that I have decluttered from my wardrobe. I may still purchase items but I want to be really confident about these purchases and not accumulate pieces I won’t wear or that don’t fit into my wardrobe. My plan is to also organise my hanging clothes soon as I definitely own item I haven’t worn in probably at least 3 years which is pretty crazy. I wonder if I should have a blanket rule to ditch items I haven’t worn in a few years, but with the pandemic it’s made it difficult to differentiate how much I’m wearing certain items.

I hope you found this interesting! I really want to tackle my shopping obsession and look at new ways to pass the time. I want to journal this year as much as possible!

Autumn Favourites 🍂

Hi everyone long time no post! I haven’t pushed in ages I have been soooo busy and I think I have been procrastinating a bit too. If you’re like me and work a lot it’s hard keeping up to date with blogging and social media. I always have loads of ideas of what I want to do but feel like there’s never enough time or I’m too tired out recently! I’ve decided to be a bit more casual with my writing here for a while to encourage me to post more about fun stuff. Today I have some autumnal favourites for you, I used all these in a cool toned look on my Instagram!

The Smashbox palette has so many shades that are fab for autumn. It has some warm tones and cool tones so it’s great depending on the look you want to do. I always use the brown and grey colours! I have here this Maybelline foundation, and I usually don’t like drugstore foundations that much! But this one is a nice colour and lasts well for a £10 foundation product. I like this on days I don’t wear much makeup. I also use it with this Zoeva concealer. This colour is a bit too orange for me but RIGHT under the eye it’s great for my dark circles!!

The brow glue from NYX is always sold out and it’s because it’s amazing! I love this for a feathered or laminated brow look!

My fav cream shadow right now is the colour Oyster Pearl from Charlotte Tilbury. It’s so versatile and subtle! I love it with the YSL Curler mascara for a simple eye look. This mascara lasts so long I need to get a new one.

Lastly I have a lips and cheeks. This MILK Makeup blush in WERK is great I use it almost every day now. I definitely need to repurchase this. I also love this BarryM lip plumper! It’s not too full on just gives a nice lift to the lips.

I hope you enjoyed this post, please tell me your current favs!!

OOTD: Bicester in Spring

A few weeks ago I took a trip to Bicester Village in Oxford. This is one of my favourite free places to go for a day trip. It’s lovely there and it’s so fun to look around. I really enjoy places like this where you can always see something new and the atmosphere is great. I wore a layered outfit that’s great for this time of year.

I’m wearing some of my favourite items here. I often wear an all black look and feel it’s always a classic, go to way to feel put together. I’m wearing basic black jeans but with some chunky platform boots which I love. I was super comfortable all day and not hot or cold!

Lace top: River Island, Cardigan: Hollister, Black Jeans: Hollister, Boots: Missguided, Bag: Coach

Current favourite skincare, haircare and fragrance!

Today’s post is about some lovely products that I have been using lately! I have been playing around with some different products and trying some new things recently. I’m really enjoying experimenting more with skincare and trying different treatments. I usually stick to what I know. Some of these products are long time favourites and others are newer to my routine.

I’m loving the aesthetic of all these products together! First off I have the Origins Gentle Dermabrasion. I like to use this on the body and not too much on the face as I find scrubs can be a bit harsh. This is great for occasional use however! I also have here the Aveda Botanical Repair mask. I love the Shampure range and this came in a set. This is great for my dry ends!

For fragrance, I have the Jo Malone French Lime Blossom cologne. This is a beautiful fragrance and so perfect for spring. It’s super fresh and has citrus notes too. Next up I have a long time favourite, the La Mer Tonic. I always use this when I want to give my skin a treat as it always feels so fresh. It does have a light fragrance but it’s not overpowering.

To finish with some more skincare, I have the Origins Frothy Face wash. This is great when my skin is a little more oily and it leaves my face feeling very clean and fresh. I always go back to this one now. Lastly, I have the Estée Lauder Night Repair serum. I use this on and off and I’m always impressed by the results when I use it.

Hope you enjoyed!

Jolie Beauty RidicuLash Serum Review!

I have a super exciting review for you today! Today, I am going to be talking about the NEW Jolie Beauty RidicuLash Serum and how to apply it. This product is an innovative lash serum that you can apply overnight to strengthen and lengthen your lashes. Jolie Beauty is one of my favourite brands, I’m a huge fan of their palettes and lashes. You can see a review on their lashes and lash glue just a few posts back on my blog. I will also link this post here. Jolie Beauty Lashes and Glue Review

Into the review! As I mentioned, Jolie Beauty is one of my favourite brands and I was so excited when they got in touch and asked me to review this product. I received the item and was so excited to try it. It comes in a very beautiful unit carton, with a holographic effect. I do appreciate when brands give you a full experience when it comes to a product, including the outer packaging! The item comes in a sleek, pink tube with a brush for easy application. I appreciate this size brush, as you can use a really small amount of product on the lashes but easily build it up if needed.

Here are some images of the product! As you can see, the design is just beautiful. The brush picks up a good amount of the serum, and you can easily wipe it off a little if needed using the tube. This [product claims to help the lashes grow, as seen on the packaging. Let’s start by saying I have fairly long lashes naturally, but they do tend to shed easily and sometimes feel as though they could be softer too. This product claims to keep lashes long and strong with continued use. I have used this product as often as I can and often I have applied it overnight as that has been the most convenient for me.

The image on the left shows my lases with no makeup at all, before I started using the lash serum. Please excuse my dark circles in this picture. You can see I have some uneven spots and my lashes look like they could use a treatment. In the picture on the right you can see my lashes after using the serum for around 6 weeks. I did have the odd day where I forgot to apply the serum, but that didn’t matter as there is still a really amazing difference. The biggest difference for me is the strength and softness of my lashes. They feel a lot nicer and have shed less since using the RidicuLash Serum. I applied a thin layer of the product to my upper lash line as instructed by the directions. I do feel a difference in length too, especially on the outer corners of my lashes. I also find my lashes hold a curl better, which is fantastic. One thing to be careful with as mentioned in the directions, the product is quite fluid so make sure to apply carefully and gently remove any excess if needed!

Overall, I have been loving this product and I would definitely recommend trying it out! I think it would be fantastic if you wanted to give your lashes a boost. I found it really makes a difference and I love having this as a step in my self care/skincare routine! You can see the RidicuLash Serum here.

*This product was sent for review but this post is not sponsored*

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Jolie Beauty Lashes and Lash Lock Glue Review!

Today I have a really fun review featuring some amazing new products from the brand Jolie Beauty! Jolie Beauty is a UK based indie makeup brand that has some pretty famous products. Their most popular is probably the Bomb Dot Com palette, you can see a review of that on my blog HERE (SPOILER ALERT: I love it!)

I’ve been a long time fan of this brand, I actually reviewed one of their palettes years ago on my YouTube channel and I was obsessed! I’m definitely loving this brand and the innovative products they come out with. When they contacted me to collaborate again I was so pleased. The products featured in this post were sent for review, but all opinions are my own and I’m going to give you all the facts including a video of me applying the lashes! You can have a look at all the Jolie Beauty Lashes here!


Here I have the AMAZING bundle of lashes and the lash glue pictured. I also have the NEW RevitaLash Serum, I love this packaging and there’s a review coming soon. Featured here is the Lash Lovers Bundle IV which includes four different lash sets. This bundle is gorgeous and includes the following styles.

First we have Lillie, these are so pretty! These lashes would be perfect for a fanned-out look to elongate the eyes. They are slightly thicker and longer on the ends and I love that style. Next is Vivienne, these have some serious drama! These are long and fluffy and a very classic style for very full lashes. Next we have April! These are a softer look and are reminiscent of demi-lashes. Lastly lets talk about Melody. These are more spaced out and that very classic Instagram style lash where the style is doll-like. These would be perfect for so many looks! This is a good bundle to go for if you are looking for some range, it would be a great one to go for if you do lots of different looks.

Here I have some photos of me wearing the Lillie lashes! I used the lash lock glue to apply, and I will say I like the fact it comes with a brush applicator and not a squeeze tube because you can get a precise application. This means no more glue everywhere! As you can see the lashes applied well and I think the clear band makes them easier to apply, as well as looking generally better on the eyes! I sometimes like a band on lashes but these were actually much easier to apply.

I have a video here of the application process if you want to see it in real-time! This look features the full application of the Lillie lashes and shows how easy it was.

Now for my overall verdict! I’m loving the idea of the Jolie Beauty Lash Lover lash bundles, it’s so easy to get stuck in the same routine when it comes to lash styles. I like that each style is sold separately too! The lashes are high quality, they feel silky and smooth due to the faux-mink effect. I think they give great volume and look great for a romantic and glamourous look. I would love to try some with a regular band too instead of a clear one just for some variety!

The Lash Lock glue is a new favourite of mine! It doesn’t have that strange smell that some glues do, personally I am not a fan of DUO for that exact reason. This is definitely a HUGE upgrade from classic lash glues and makes such a difference when prepping and applying lashes. I would for sure recommend this, even for beginners because it will make things much easier.

I hope you enjoyed this review! I would love if you checked out my videos on YouTube and my Instagram! Thanks again to Jolie Beauty, you’re the best!

OOTD: Styling Thigh-High Boots!

Today I have an outfit for you featuring something I have NEVER worn! I really love the look of thigh-high boots but I never took the plunge and bought some until late last year. I was determined to style these and not leave them hanging about in my wardrobe, so when the rain eased off this weekend I decide to wear them. The pair I have are faux-suede and I love the style and texture.

I’m really happy with this outfit and I’m definitely going to be wearing it again soon. I have this black button up dress on with a checked blazer style long coat. I have had this coat for ages but you will definitely be able to find this style still. I’m wearing the same bag I always do and my usual jewellery. I even have my outfit matched to my phone case!

Coat: Brave Soul at ASOS (Old)
Dress: ASOS
Tights: M&S
Boots: New Look
Bag: Coach

I hope you enjoyed!

Winter Night-time Skincare Routine 2021

Today, I’m going to be talking all about my current skincare routine! In complete honesty, I didn’t plan this routine much at all! I have just found that I have settled into something that works really well for me. I have a few products in here that I’ve loved for ages and a few newer items but I’ve been doing these steps for quite a few weeks and loving it. My skin is going through some changes right now as I’ve had a few pimples which isn’t common for me! This routine is gentle enough for sensitive skin but helps my dryness loads.

As a quick side note, I have been using an eye cream too but I haven’t included one in this routine as I haven’t found one I really love yet! Products marked with a * were gifted/PR!

After cleansing my skin, I use the PIXI Glow Tonic* avoiding the eye area. This is a long-time favourite of mine and I have this huge one they very kindly sent over! I find this super refreshing and I go between this and the Paula’s Choice depending on how I’m feeling. The Paula’s Choice 2% BHA is a great one! I use it in rotation with the PIXI!

I then use the Estée Lauder Night Repair! I’ve had a few minis of this in my collection for a while. I have been using this for a few weeks and I have seen a noticeable change in my skin which is fantastic. I have a small scar and it has faded slightly more since using this skincare routine. I like this a lot and it is definitely worth a lot of the hype that it receives!

I then use the Lumene Nordic Berry Oil Cocktail! I got this in a Birchbox and it’s been amazing for my dry skin. This is perfect for those winter days when you want fresh, dewy and luminous skin. This product is one of my favourite discoveries through Birchbox. After this product, I follow up with the Lancôme Hydra Zen Night Cream. This moisturiser is rich but refreshing and feels great on the skin. I always wake up with smooth skin using this combo!

Lastly, I use the BarryM Lip Rehab. This lip mask has avocado oil and really moisturises the lips. I love how this works overnight to smooth dry lips and it’s much more effective than a standard lip balm. I use this almost every day and it has made a HUGE difference and it is super affordable!

I hope you enjoyed this post!

How to: Be happy with your space!

One of my goals in 2020 was to be happy in my space. For me, this meant feeling happy and relaxed on my room, as well as feeling more organised.

My room is average sized, and I had all the basic items in my room of course. But last year my goal was to feel like it was MY space that felt like a reflection of my personality and style. That’s where the big bedroom makeover of 2020 came in. My mum and I went to IKEA, Dunhelm and some vintage shops and found great items for my room. This wasn’t all about buying new things, but repurposing what I had too.

My favourite spot!

You can see the new wallpaper here which I LOVE! It has made the biggest change to me. We got this fantastic IKEA unit which helped with my storage problem, and gave me an extra place to do my makeup. I arranged some items in an ✨aesthetic✨ way to style up the unit! I added some bits and pieces to make it feel authentic and true to me.

Here I have some decorations to spruce up my unit. These make me feel really happy just to look at them every day! I added this cute plate with some candles. Fragrances on a mirrored surface I have always loved so I did that too!

I’m so happy to have these changes to my space and I feel accomplished in my goals looking around these items. I want to get me into keeping things looking good in my space so I hope this inspired you too!